Hao Yuan

Dual PhD at Michigan State University
Genetic and Genome Science Program
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Program

Hi, I’m a PhD student in the working in Braasch Lab and Krishnan Lab. I am particularly interested in how to identify and evaluate the molecular basis of rare and complex diseases in individual patient. Currently, I’m working on developing computational approaches to (1) characterize the pathology of the patient based on personalized gene network, (2) prioritize biomedical factors related to the patient using NLP approaches, (3) estimate perturbed network that capture the disease context in patient, then identify equivalent disease-related genes for further experimental investigation. I hope to build tools to accurately characterize the pathology behind complex disease, more importantly, accelerate the process of experimentally identifying genes (and gene networks) in animal models to further characterize impacted cell types, tissue and emergent phenotypes, and finally prioritize therapeutics.

When I’m not working I like to cook and play video games.